Radiant WebTools 4.0 Comparison Matrix

We frequently get asked: "What's the difference between you and _________?" As such, we thought it would be relevant to create a comparison matrix to help you understand the differences between Radiant WebTools and other services in the marketplace.

This comparison was established using the information provided on each vendor's website, and is based on each company's best package and "out-of-the-box" service. We do want to make it very clear that ALL of these services are very capable tools, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses (including ours).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also download our PDF brochure outlining some of the critical details in Radiant WebTools 4.0.


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Fee Comparison

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Initial Setup Fee $0 $0 $1,000 $0
Cost to Move to a New Theme $0 Varies $1,000 Varies
Commonly-Used Feature Comparison
Fully Synchronized Mobile App Yes
Integrates with Church Community Builder Yes
Blogs Yes Yes Yes
Event Calendar Yes Yes
Media Player Yes Yes Yes
Podcasting Yes Yes
Photo Galleries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create your own forms Yes Yes Yes
Online Polls Yes
Message Board Yes
Online Store Yes Yes
Online Donations Yes Yes
Basic Design Comparison
Provides professional themes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy WYSIWYG Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provides Photoshop files for themes Yes
Change themes any time you want Yes Yes Yes
Easy drag and drop modules Yes
Easy page layout Yes Yes Yes
Full control of design Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Design Comparison
Full control of HTML/CSS/JS Yes Yes Yes
Advanced CSS WYSIYG editor Yes
Custom tags for easy module integration Yes Yes
Technical Comparison
Does not require Flash installed Yes Yes Yes
Regular site works on tablets (i.e. iPad) Yes Yes Yes
Ability to create unique mobile site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Editor Accounts Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Yes Yes Limited Yes
Includes Email Accounts Yes
Real-Time Stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Integration
Add social media icons Yes Yes Yes Yes
Embed Facebook Social Plugins Yes Yes Yes
Integrate Twitter feed on any page Yes Yes Yes
Storage/Bandwidth Comparison
Total Storage Capacity 2,000 GB No Limit 100 GB 10 GB
Individual File Size Limit No 20 MB No No
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Varies
Unlimited Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload files using File Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload files using FTP Yes Yes
Additional Feature Comparison
Secure Intranet for Private Collaboration Yes
Send out Newsletters Yes
Reseller/Partner Program
Reseller Program Offered Yes Yes Yes
Potential Revenue per Referral $87 - 1,300/y $50 one-time $100 one-time

Last updated Summer, 2013