Our Passion

The Model is Simple: Provide churches and ministries with a website solution that's powerful, flexible, well-designed and easy to use.

Read on, while we wear our heart on our sleeve for a moment...

1. No Crazy Fees

We don't believe in website setup fees or charging ministries every time they want to make a change to their design, and we don't believe in charging crazy amounts of money for hosting and service fees.

2. Flexibility & Change

We believe in a world where a church or ministry can write a blog, embrace social media relationships, take donations, share their media and electronic resources, sell their material, build their own online forms, post events, poll their users and update their community through e-newsletters. And we believe that a ministry should have the ability to change their design any time they want -- and not just basic template design but rather full control of CSS, scripts, colors, layout and images.

3. A Mobile Future

We believe that a ministry's website should "just work" on a mobile device and that it shouldn't be dependent on third-party technologies like Flash. Furthermore, we believe that the ministry should have the option to provide a uniquely designed mobile site to its users if they so choose, and that they should have their own iOS/Android app -- completely synced with their web content. It just makes sense seeing that over half a billion people already use their mobile devices to access the web each year.

4. No Limits

We believe in providing our customers with a solution that grows with them and compliments their brand. And we believe that the solution should advance with technology and provide the latest tools as they become available. Moreover, let's talk in terms of gigabytes and terabytes, not megabytes. And we never want to hear the words "limited bandwidth" ever again.

5. Power & Affordability

We believe in providing ministries with the most flexible content management and brand solution on the planet. And we believe that for churches and ministries, a version should be made available for FREE.

That's our passion, and that's our commitment to you.

Click here for a more detailed explanation as to what makes Radiant WebTools different than the others.