10 Reasons to Choose Radiant WebTools

1. The upfront design cost

There is none. That's right, you heard it correctly. Not $10,000; not $1,000; not $100. $0. In fact, the only time you will ever incur a setup fee from us is if you want to attach a domain name to your website (which we charge a one-time $50 fee for).

2. Simply advanced

Some website management tools are too simple, not offering users enough flexibility. Others are very advanced, leaving the average user confused and frustrated. We believe we have found the formula to satisfy both appetites.

3. Everything is included

Unlike products like Wordpress and Joomla where you need to find a developer and a company to host your website, you don't here. Radiant WebTools is an all-inclusive service that includes complete access to our content management system, website hosting and email addresses.

4. Total design flexibility

You can use one of our templates or build your own. You have total control of layout, fonts, colors, images, and so on. If you're a designer or developer, you'll also be happy to know that we provide layered Photoshop artwork for most of our templates along with the ability to modify CSS code.

5. Complete content management

Tired of taking a cookie-cutter approach with your website? Example: You host your website at one place, you host your blog at another; you take donations somewhere else, you host your photos at another. Not so with Radiant WebTools. You can manage all of your blogs, news, events, registration, donations, stores, social media, photos, podcasts, videos and more, all with Radiant WebTools.

6. Your site looks like it should on mobile devices and tablets

When Apple declared war on Flash by not enabling it on iPads and iPhones, we didn't complain and make excuses -- we just made it work. For any of our templates that use Flash in their banners, we actually convert them to a language that WILL work on mobile devices. Example: You have a rotating Flash banner on your homepage. When you view it on a mobile device that doesn't support Flash, it works anyways (and rotates properly)! We even give you the ability to create a mobile-specific site that provides customized content for mobile users. If that's not enough, take advantage of your own iOS/Android app, completely synced with your website content!

7. Unlimited bandwidth

Quite simply, there are no limits; use as much bandwidth as you want. Whether you have 10 people browsing your website or 100,000, there are no bandwidth fees associated with Radiant WebTools.

8. Reasonable monthly fees

There must be some hidden cost, right? Wrong. You can even use it for free. (View pricing plans)

9. We're not newbies

We've been building user-driven, design-focused content management systems since 1996. In fact, when we incorporated our company in May of 2000, we had one thing in mind -- to help churches and ministries set a standard of excellence on the web. That goal continues today.

10. We're always thinking "bigger picture"

Radiant WebTools is created by Radiant, a full-service creative agency that has the privilege of working with world-class ministries from around the globe. Recognizing that your website is only one part of your communications strategy, we'll always be providing you with tips, articles and resources that help support your "big picture strategy".